Country Heritage

31301 State Hwy 6
(1/4 Mile West Of Jamesport)
Jamesport, Missouri 64648
Voicemail ~ 660-684-6650

Our Showroom Has A Large Selection Of Handmade Hardwood Furniture
Available In Oak ~ 1/4 Sawn Oak ~ Cherry ~ Hickory & Walnut

We Offer A Large Selection Of:
Bedroom ~ Dining ~ Curio Cabinets ~ Entertainment Centers - Office
Rustic Cedar Furniture ~ Rockers ~ Children's Furniture ~ Baskets & More
All Of Our Furniture Is Available In Sets Or Individual Pieces
Custom Furniture & Kitchen Cabinets
Let Us Give You A Bid On Replacing Your Current Kitchen Cabinets!

We Also Sell Lawn & Patio Furniture, Gazebos & Storage Buildings

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Open Monday Through Saturday ~ 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Delivery Available ~ Ask For Details

With the hardwood used in the manfacuring of our furniture, each board has it own story. You can rest in the fact that your solid hardwood furniture looks like no other. Not even the one in our showroom.

It takes approximately 60 years for a hardwood tree to reach maturity. As it does, each tree has it's own story, it's own unique grain pattern and textures. When you get to know this tree, the individual boards reflect this unique process.

The tree's main story is written in it's unique grain pattern. Grain patterns are made by the tree's growth rings, one for each year. A board's knots mark the growth of limbs that extended from the main trunk.

Color variations are a standard trademark of hardwoods. The outside of younger wood is lighter than the inside core where the wood is usually darker. Other color variations are created by minerals and other elements affecting the tree's growth.

The durability and intergrity of our hardwood furniture is not affected by these naturally occurring variations, in fact, these variations are exactly what most people want, giving them the warmth and charm of individuality.

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