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Stanberry - Albany, Mo.



SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2019 ~ 10:00 A.M.

Rod Dollars ~ 660-783-2548 Cell Or 660-254-2548
Leon Messner ~ 660-582-0258 Cell Or 660-726-3252
Leo Madison ~ 660-868-0113
Clerks ~ Dollars & Messner

LOCATION ~ Community Center In Downtown Stanberry, MO.


Conception Abbey, Conception, MO 1873-1973 (2); St. Gregory Barbarigo, Maryville, MO 1879-1982
Guilford Methodist Church, Guilford, MO 1910-1960 (2); First Christian Church, Savannah, MO
Christian Church, Forrest City, MO 1875-1975; Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Atlantic, Iowa 1950-1977

Redding Methodist Church, Redding, Iowa; First Methodist Church, The White Temple, St. Joseph, MO;
The Church with the Tower Chimes, First Lutheran Church, Kansas City, MO; Longest Covered Bridge in the World, Hartland, New Brunswick; Mississippi, The Magnolia State; 1841 Commemorative 1970, Holt Co., Missouri 1841-1970

Worth County, MO Centennial, 1861-1961; South Holt High School, Oregon, MO - South Holt Knights; Albany, MO Sesquicentennial, 1845-1995, John Roberts Cabin; Albany, MO 1845-1970 (6); Nodaway Valley Bank, Maryville, MO 100th Anniversary, 1868-1968 (3); Barnard, MO Centennial, 1870-1970 (2); Burlington Junction, MO Centennial, 1879-1979; Pickering, MO Centennial, 1871-1971

McFall, MO Centennial, 1879-1979; New Hampton, MO Centennial, 1868-1968; Canon City, CO Centennial, 1872-1972 (2); Tarkio, MO Centennial, 1880-1980; American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976 USA; Bicentennial Plate - Drummer Boys, 1976
Missouri - The Show Me State; USA Bicentennial Plates, Andrew County Historical Society, Savannah, MO 1776-1976 (3)

Missouri State Capital Plate with seal of the state; Missouri, 150 Years of Statehood, 1821-1971; Gentry County Courthouse Centennial, 1884-1984; 25th Anniversary Plate; Stanberry Normal School, Stanberry, MO, small white scalloped edge); Stanberry, MO Centennial, 1879-1979 (7); Country Kids Pie Plate, recipe on back (2); Canada Centennial, 1867-1967, Fathers of the Confederation

Kirksville Osteopathic College, A.T. Still birthplace, 100th anniversary 1992; Canada Plate - State Flowers and Territories
Painted Cross Stitch Plate; 1962 Calendar Plate; 1968 Calendar Plate; Presidents of the US Plate - through Kennedy,
President and Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, General and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy

Compliments of N. Kaufman, Sheridan, MO - at plate, cracked; Compliments of Shannon and Axtell, Sidney, IA
Souvenir of Auburn, NE; Souvenir of Horton, KS; Compliments of HE Reyer, Lancaster, KS, dealer in General Merchandise
Compliments of JH Norman, Stanberry, MO. Alphabet Plate, Compliments of Cornett Bros.; Windsor Castle

Bank of Guilford, MO Capital and Surplus, $25,000 (2); 1943-1974, Ryman Auditorium, Grand Ole Opry
Firestone 60th Anniversary, 6 sided, geometric; I'm proud to be a farm wife, 200 years as partners in Agriculture, 1776-1976
America the Beautiful 1979 - Crossing the Potomac; President Harry Truman; Presidents of the US, ending with Nixon

The Capitol, Washington, DC; Hannibal, MO, Mark Twain Statue, cave, home, etc. - blue
Hannibal, MO, Mark Twain, smaller, older gold rim; American Revolution Bicentennial, Missouri admitted
August 10, 1821, Metal Plate, limited edition. 1776-1976; Cardinal Plate; Bluebird Plate; Sisters Plate with pink edges

Huffman Memorial UM Church, Centennial, 1890-1990, St. Joseph, MO; Missouri State Plate, blue
First Christian Church, Pattonsburg, MO, church est. 1883-1959; The Methodist Church, Savannah, MO - duplicate
Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration, Clyde, MO; Conception Abbey - duplicate; Nodaway Valley Bank - duplicate

Bethany Falls in early 1880's, Bethany, MO; Guilford - duplicate; Atchison County - duplicate; Eisenhower Museum, Abilene, KS
Still life with candle and fruit; Bicentennial Celebration 1976, Easton, MO, duplicate; Albany, MO - duplicate;
First Christian Church, Stanberry, MO 1880-1990; The Capitol, Washington, DC - different version

Rockport Fairfax Tarkio, Atchison County, MO; Bicentennial Plate - #22/172; First Christian Church, Albany, MO 1887-1987
Gentry County Courthouse and Churches, Albany, MO; First Christian Church, Albany, MO 1887-1987
Gower, MO Centennial, 1870-1970; Livingston County, Chillicothe, MO 1837-1937

Sesquicentennial Commemorative; Hopkins, MO Centennial, 1872-1972 Depot and City buildings
Normal School, Stanberry, MO; New York City, NY blue Statue of Liberty and local landmarks
5 Painted Rooster Plates - smaller; 3 More Rooster Plates


Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, by Margaret Sidney (2); Gene Autry and the Thief River Outlaws, by Bob Hamilton
Fun with Dick and Jane, by William Gray and Arbuthnot; Flood Disaster 1951 booklet; Roosevelt Album
The Homesteader's Handbook to Raising Small Livestock, by Jerome Belanger; Beauty Culture

Rural Carriers Instruction Handbook; Arco Course Post Office Clerk - Carrier; Arco Course Rural Mail Carrier
TWA Kansas City's Hometown Airline; Boy Scout's Woodcraft Lesson or Improving Their Mettle in the Field
Lion-Webelos Cub Scout Book; In Broad Daylight - A Murder in Skidmore, MO, by Harry MacLean
The Warren Report - Office report on the assassination of JFK


Six quarts of marbles and a bag of shooters; Ball Blue jars, pints & quarts; Kerr 1/2 gallon; Kerr quart centennial; Atlas quart
Crown quart made in Canada; Impromed made in Canada; Atlas wire snap lid; Pepsi glass; Coca Cola glass; Shatto milk bottles
10 Vinegar cruets; 200 Plus Hen on nest, 4 sizes; Lots of yardsticks; A few Canadian fruit jars


Rod Dollars ~ 660-783-2548 Cell Or 660-254-2548
Leon Messner ~ 660-582-0258 Cell Or 660-726-3252
Leo Madison ~ 660-868-0113
Clerks ~ Dollars & Messner

TERMS: Cash or check with proper I.D. Nothing removed until settled for. Not responsible in case of accidents, thefts, or errors in advertising. Statements made at the sale take precedence over all other advertising. Lunch & Restroom Available

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